Episode 0: National Awakening/Indulgence

A drop of blood...

I am blind. Blind to the world of matter, the producer of all false truths that consume both humans and manipulators easily with just a look. All the events: the uprising, the war on Torchia, the eventual aftermath and coming of the Black Mass to Stygia is being seen by me as the prelude for… greater changes to take place within world after the cycles of upheaval passed nearly without a trace. Here is one of the many people who will help change this world… for the Empire… for me.

“Slight disorientation of the head…” Shafts of morning sunlight shone dimly on the moving form in a blanket of chains in this windowed room slightly closed by blinds. The room was as I left it before venturing outside of the No Man’s Land, my domain of rule. Her purple hair was still partially braided, tangled beyond a doubt. I took care to move silently to her side as she struggled to move from the blanket made purely of Limiting Chains if the ring did not serve its purpose during this early stage.

“The disorientation will last up to four minutes at the maximum, let it not trouble you. Gather yourself and follow me.” The healing of the bones took a toll on her movements as she moved out of her confinements without my help in a two-piece flannel pajama the colour of torquoise with long pants and sleeves with light blue patterns of jellyfish, keeping a blank face like a hardened soldier with gritted teeth underneath the flesh, disregarding the utterly slow progress of her movements from her automatically designated quarters to the banquet hall attended by hydragens.

“I have created this part of the No Man’s Land with water in mind as you can see from the water deliberately cascading from the tops of the walls in this building, the oddly shaped fountains, the randomly appearing puddles of water and the half-bowl aquarium stuck in the dome roof of this mansion suspended by sheer altered gravity kept in shape by nothing. Oh, do not mind the flying silver coloured kitefish above you, they like new visitors.” Syfa looked with feigned interest at the glittering fish orbiting in sync above her head, gently nipping at the tangled braids of hair. Syfa ignored them and walked with me side by side
“Water… the source of all life, the living and changing symbol of purity, keeper of the mysteries of the deep and the living heart that covers the world, beating as one with us; the children of the origin. A true work of genius, Master.” Maybe this lack of interest was brought on by something she was not telling me about. The smell of fresh water was probably threatening her nose to bleed. That is it! Blood, food… The connection to her was blatantly obvious. I lead her along the halls showing different tropical and freshwater fish swimming in schools of ten.

“I know what you want, apart from the absolute obvious that I promised. You want and need sustenance, correct?”

“Yes, Master.” Syfa’s voice was a monotone which I find odd, most Apprentices have a variation of tone and pitch for their voices, but this one was not like the others, not even Ashtoreth Iager matched the deviance of her character. As if corpse she was born out of left an empty, unfeeling shell behind. She did not show the immediate signs of hunger at all as we entered the hydragen attended hall lined aquariums put into the walls occupied by carnivorous (and sometimes cannabalistic) eels going at one another for food, causing blood clouds to form in the semi-flattened tank. The sight of blood occupied her attention for a while, as the hydragen servants layed many plates with different foods on the long table, stylized as an oncoming wave of seawater from the beach made from mahogany.

“Go ahead and try everything! be a total glutton, indulge yourself.” She was very businesslike in her approach to trying things, only her changing eyecolour showed how she felt about eating a certain foodstuff. and she does not take so long either! Watching Syfa eating the last thing at the end of the long table took me by surprise, getting at the bloodied steak like a hellish beast unleashed.

“The soul, which is spirit, can not dwell in dust; it is carried along to dwell in the blood. It may not be alive anymore, but I cannot waste a good piece of bloodied flesh.” Her eyes looking up from where she devoured the piece of meat by ripping it piece by piece, showing satisfaction despite her blankness of face. Maybe I did the right thing by saving this one from oblivion.

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