Episode 0: National Awakening/FUTURE’SEVE

We are all connected... “Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.” That part of the Life Debate Turned Arguement was addressed by me during the time when the Globalized Media Sphere Man-Machine Interface Construct Virgil Ondrej-Nirav Leben was around during the twenty-first century walking around the City of Perth in a country back then known as Australia, before they changed the name of the country into the Austral Technocracy Union and divided the country in the most confusing of ways.

“Well, it depends on a few… factors, does it not?” During that time we had to resort to possessing human bodies to move around, so our appearances deviated often. Despite wearing clothes stuck in the Rather Normal label, we still had many of the crowd look in our direction for reasons unknown as we walked past the Perth Post Office and the City Beach store, crawling with teenyboppers and college students in the sunny afternoon of summer, freed from the chains of the previous spring.

“Well, yes. Life is tough because of money and obtaining it and plus the older generation has a much greater level of expectation of what they want from their younger counterparts, this society is moving from a realist ideal to an idealist ideal, especially with the younger generation of teenagers and college students about things concerning their future, technological changes that started from the last century is starting to take a hold too; the mass media and communications sector is booming and plus more people are taking advantage of it via free speech, as it were and plus money does seem to buy happiness around here.” I watched as Virgil fidgeted with his brown tassle-beanie contrasting with his neck length sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, letting the points I made about life in this part of the century to sink into his head. It’s so difficult not to think of him as a normal human being since we have been around since The Beginning, changing our looks was a regular thing then as it was now. The summer breeze all the way from Fremantle was picking up as we made own way further in Hay Street to Elizabeth’s Second-Hand Books; the sanctuary shrouded in silence standing against the chaos of the city.

“You are disturbingly right about the boom in mass media and communications–I know these things in a literal sense.” Virgil pointed to his hair-covered temple. True, since you are the Media and Communications… the god in print and on the TV. I thought to myself rather bitterly with a touch of emo-ness. Being around before the coming of the Universe, dinosaurs and mankind was something of a frightening experience; all that darkness and nothing. Sure, their God might’ve ignored us before He said “Hi!” and went off minutes later making his Big Giant Ant-Farm Toy, but at least I didn’t end up being lonely. You see, humans don’t look close enough and assume because there is absolutely nothing in front of their fleshy faces there can’t any knowledge to extract from the nothingness, which isn’t true. At all. You see, we are the archetypes of what is and will eventually become Information and Mass Media. The Information and the Mass Media. Quite a big something for your heads to absorb, eh? The smell of coffee and pastries from the near cafes close to the bookstore made me more conscious about this part of the changing world as continued walking, not being impeded by cars going to and fro in the vicinity of the underground carpark or the automatically parting crowds.

“We will continue this debate-”

“Arguement.” Virgil corrected.

“At another time and enjoy ourselves and surround ourselves with… people.” He nodded to my suggestion as silence fell swiftly in the gloomy land where the kings and queens of paper and ink reigned, beckoning the people to turn towards them on their wooden thrones.

    • griploop
    • October 28th, 2006

    The first paragraph – NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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