Episode 0: National Awakening/GoD~AvId/Part II: Silly-Go-Round

Here goes the merry-go... There in a room glided with silver topped with growing motifs of greenery. A ruler of an empire wearing a deep spring green suit jacket over a white collared shirt finished off with a jade coloured tie sat on a bone-white throne shaped like a skeletal hand, waiting patiently in the partial shadow cast by the ornament of outspread angel wings on top of the crystal dome lined with gold. His personal bodyguard, the lady Ashtoreth Iager stood beside the throne in silence, anticipating the opening of the great doors. A great ruckus emerged from beyond the door, the loud voices threatening to creep over into the land of quiet.

“I got one, doc… where’s the other?” Barossa held Mantissa by using an incapacitator wire, stopping the oddly bespectacled cyborg with the shrewd features and the metallic skin from moving. The sight of this one who was pushed forward by Barossa brought the Machine Emperor’s attention. The Emperor himself said nothing to Tachyon, sending a silent signal for the dark-haired and elegant Ashtoreth to deal with the android.

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart. Tell me, why did you go about doing all this after all we have done for you, David?” Mantissa flinched at hearing the real name he was born with being used in front of two strangers who’d rather see him terminated. Mantissa’s friend, whose name as a human was Brien, leaned forward in his throne waiting with an infinite patience and calm that he was well known for. David, ever the nervous and fearful one of our group of five oddballs… he hasn’t changed a bit. Dismissing his thoughts, Brien slightly cupped both hands and released a multicoloured mote into the room, causing both Barossa and Iager to be ready to pounce on the thing summoned.

“It was something of an… accident. Please let me explain it to-” Mantissa stopped himself from completing his own sentence and watched as a silver statue melted in front of him and reformed into a familiar visage beside him, with the two locks tied into braids secured by fire-polished chevron beads threaded through with black-and-blue gradient velvet ribbons and her outfit changed into a red Chief Officer’s military jacket with black pinstripes and a pair of black combat hose pants.

“My Lord” Nemo bowed and addressed the Machine-Emperor with just a hint of amusement and mockery. “Allow me to explain; My return was an accident, the creation of the body for me to reside in was intended for something else for which Mantissa will explain soon enough and it was something of a… shall we say, coincidence that I was here at the right time. Think of this not as something illegal.” I hope he does have an explanation, I can’t make one up for him. Nemo was feeling slightly uncomfortable and tried best not to show it.

“I didn’t know what I was doing Brien, it was an accident…” Nemo sighed inwardly as she heard Mantissa’s explanation come out as weak as water. Brien knew about Mantissa (as David would like to be called) and his strange penchant for making things out of the blue on a whim or out of boredom.

“Very well, I accept that as a valid explanation for your sneaky actions for the past number of weeks, Dav- Mantissa.” Mantissa’s rigid body relaxed greatly at hearing this, but soon stiffened as the gaze of Martine Vatyr’s successor slightly darkened as it turned in the direction of Nemo Wissenundklugheit-Vries. The unknown character kept herself cool and composed, even the famed Black Rose near the throne was impressed.

“You are the Descendant of the Tree, are you not?” This question brought a whole meaning to the words “shock value” bringing a small but certain nod. Before Nemo could speak any more, the Machine-Emperor added “There is not one of you but two, and neither of you are to be allowed to set foot in both Hemispheres of the Empire, including those affiliated with you.”

That’s when I was forced to say my goodbyes to a friend and a place I once called home and flew away onboard Nemo’s artificially created form-shifting bioship, the Zarathustra to be nothing but travellers.

    • JV
    • September 20th, 2006

    As I was reading through this post, I’ve read Nemo and remembered it as Nemo the clownfish! Hahaha!:lol:

    Are you sure if I ride in that silly-go-round, I wouldn’t be dizzy and crazy at the same time?

    • Edseverripit
    • September 20th, 2006

    Nope! 😛 I really like using strange names for my characters instead of putting ordinary and boring Sunday-school names 🙂

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