Episode 0: National Awakening/Time Out From The

No description needed!

“Who the hell are you?” is a nice thing to ask a random somebody if you’re on the run, but as I found out through my dwindling drug-haze the hard way, not really nice when it’s directed at you through the mouth of a stranger who happens to have a rifle at hand, pointed to your forehead with your hair resembling a freak weeping-willow growing on more than just manure. Straightening myself out after gorging myself with whatever it was I swallowed, drank, injected and snorted that I stole from (from what I heard disjointedly during my spree) a pharmacy the size of a small newsagents down the Strip of Small Cities in the Unearthed City of the Northern Hemisphere of the Machine City Empire ruled by His Knowledge the Emperor Brien on a Thursday, the day of the Norse god Thor, which is today, the day I planned long ago time ago, in a galaxy far away, to grab for freedom, seize the day and throttle it with both hands and my stolen I mean, borrowed stash of mind-altering substances that adheres to my personal mottos of: “The drugs must flow, that is my law!” and also “I must drink beer, for it is the mind-killer and bringer of parties!” Anyway, back to the Christmas presents day.

“Greetings, good sir. I am Ed Rippit and I think it’s a nice day to go out for a stroll, don’t you think so?” The man was a tad taller than myself, sporting a black leather coat, a black shirt underneath and black jeans. His skin was on the pale and his eyes were like lemons in colour and movements were very timed and precise as he moved backward leaning on the railing wrapped with chains of an unregistered ship at the Ground-On-The-Field fairing well against the wrathful wind, the very breath of Mother Nature.

“Give me one reason not make your chances to have your freedom back any more difficult.” His yellow eyes had a predatory cast to them, which was true, he was a serial killer himself after all, working for his human lover, the lovely Ladyguard. I danced around both with and against the wind with my arms outstretched, spinning around in an out-of-time waltz in delight at being in the now, particularly this now, this very night of possible freedom.To tell the truth, I was drunk with ecstasy. I continued to dance around the androidal man before me, swaying, tip-tapping and ducking and twirling.

“Because I’ve earned it! That’s why.” I fished in the pockets of my neutral-coloured coat with its many pockets and grabbed a tiny sphere-shaped something at random and placed it between my teeth, crushing the unflavored candy-shelled like exterior and closing my eyes with a small sigh, letting the bittersweet syrupy liquid glide on the tongue and work its magic in my body. I felt the true feeling of happiness for the first time in ages as I danced in my peculiar ways whilst I heard gunshots ring from far away and the cold feel of metal bits touching the flesh.

“Shit!” that was the last I heard from the man-droid coupled with the sound of a noisy clang and something sliding off the edge. I grabbed at the ropes blindly as I heard the roar of engines above the howling winds of the night. The mysterious words of time out from the world, leaving it all just for a day, you like there’s a down, hold me and round, take us a day? came to me and echoed unbidden. This is the last I’ll see of the North, and even now, I don’t want to look at it. Ever!

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