Episode 0: National Awakening

Ed's Weird Clock of Predicted Doom!

“Godless insects? I don’t think of them that way. I mean, come on, if the human population are religious, what is the point of saying that?”

“You’re railing again…” The formerly Fifth Master and holder of the embodiment of Nothingness made another point with me, again for the third time about my occasional way of getting off topic. Mantissa always has to make a point, which is nice, but annoying, in a way.

“So what? Not like anyone is here–except for you.” The pile of books on the garish and gigantic rainbow-coloured desk partially obscured his face from my blood-red eyes. It’s been a while since the both of us evaded the wrath of the Machine-Emperor Brien and his Black Rose, the Warrior-Ladyguard Ashtoreth Iager after they found out about my accidental creation. It’s been a month after Poor Old Manty went from flesh to flesh-and-metal.

“True, my dear Nemo Vries, but it doesn’t mean we are alone you know.” Did I mention that a member of the Black Death Order has stowed himself away and tagged along with us too? Oh wait… that weird Ed “Sever” Rippit guy, better known to the Mass Media Collective Swarm as Piter the Assassinating Freeloader. We thought our ship the Zarathustra was foolproof; with this guy, apparently not. It was during the aftermath of the Torchia War as well, and now the world is partly covered by this black, foggy mass that makes electricity go nuts. Thank the Maker for solar cells. The pile of books in front of me was turned upside down, along with the rest of the room. Naturally I don’t feel a shift in gravity.

“How many times did I say to you Ed, or whatever your name is, stop turning the world upside down!” The twenty-something man that walked in the Room of Whatever onboard the Zarathustra is, if you don’t know by now, a Manipulator, able to change several properties of the Mundane at will, is as skinny as a stick, is paranoid in denial (hence the cautious movements and occasional fly-swatting movements), a druggie, has a weeping willow for brown hair and lastly, drives Mantissa nuts.

“Boooring! I’d thought you’d like a change for once after what you’ve been through, Manty. After all, the world is changing for the worst.” Ed did a jerky series of cha-cha steps as he made his way (with the ship still upside down) towards the bookpile on the desk. Looks like the world needs a couple of saviours, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be us.

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