Hayt’s Little Lectures IV: Information

Hayt, in digital

Good Morning, class. How was that Logic class with Scythe? Was he crazy at all, or was there a rare moment of non-drug induced sanity for once? No? Ah, well… Anyway, we are here to discuss on something a Mentat always has: information.

Information comes in many shapes and forms, and one must always keep information that is kept in mind, up to date: it is crucial. Keep in mind that information can also be misleading, so be careful! A word-of-mouth information piece can be misleading if, say, one out of two people was lying about the information. Which gives you good reason for torturing the said person.

So when it comes to information, absorb what you can from articles, datapads, solido projection movies, the Information Sphere and from experiences, which prove useful. Make sure you get the hang of researching too, it is a valuable tool when needed. Don’t mind the screaming next door, by the way, and the fact that an hour ago, I was gesturing with a bloodied scalpel. Oh, if you see a shapeless lump of human flesh, that was my handiwork… It’s a pity these days that people don’t appreciate beauty in the most raw and savage of forms, really. Have a good day class and don’t forget this lesson… Or else you will become my next centerpiece!

  1. Yo, you reading Hunters of Dune?

    I’m about 1/5 through. It’s a lot better than Legends of Dune. BTW, Omnius survived by the long distance probes he sent out with Omnius-Geidi-Primem. But, the League recaptured that world and destroyed the local Omnius incarnation as well as the update ship, so that no other evermind is aware of this.

    Also, Gilbertus Albans takes with him Erasmus’s gelsphere memory core when he leaves Corrin. So Erasmus could have survived as well.

  2. I’m more than halfway through and I am still enjoying it. I will post a full review with full recaps and spoilers this weekend.

    Definitely their best book yet, though not as good as the originals. You can probably order it through Amazon.

    As to the return of some historical figures, including Thufir Hawat, it’s a lot less awkward that I thought it would be because Frank Herbert included a nullenthropy capsule in Grand Master Scytale of the Tleilax. If he didn’t want to bring the back, why would he have included the capsule in his plot?

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