Hayt’s Little Lectures III:Worms

A spice-induced trip, maybe!

“Hello and welcome back to my delightful, bloody and educational lectures in the Lampadas Mentat School campus. Today we are talking about the desert worms of Arrakis, not the worm I brought in to be slowly dissected last week rather sadistically, which Miles almost swallowed and choked on which gave both Edric and Piter the initiative to thump the poor Bashar-to-be to death instead of doing a traditional and lame, Heimlich Maneuver. And no, he didn’t actually die, disappointing isn’t it?”

“Anyway,the desert worms of Arrakis are something of a dangerous, man-eating tourist attraction and one of the planet’s many death-traps (well, apart from the Fremen) and it’s the reason why Arrakis stays like the Outback of Old Earth, Australia and also, the producer of the spice melange.”

“The worms start out as Sandtrout and eventually make the area around them very dry, because water to them is like poison, only more catastrophic. No Piter, Sandtrout aren’t edible, I’m sorry to say this and don’t try to take the Water of Life, it will kill you.”

“And remember, you must be prepared if you are to go to Arrakis for an “ideal” vacationing spot; go get a stillsuit from the Fremen villagers with Cysvarinne’s help, Chakobsa is one of the desert-men’s languages which will come in handy.”

“If you are going there, don’t come back to me as something that resembles Jerky preserved in Chaumas and left to di- dry. Until next time and remember, I hope you are learning from all this.”

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