Hayt’s Little Lectures II: Saphoween

It must be the drugs working on you!

“Good afternoon, class. How was everybody’s weekend, horrendous, tragic, gut-wrenching or simply drop-dead boring? You can chit-chat during this lesson on you guessed it thanks to Kevin Ripley and Piter’s obvious horror–Sapho Juice and What It’s Really For! Make that face again Ripley and I will put you through my own home-made pain amplifiers and vivisect you myself! That goes for you too, Miles Teg.”

“Sapho Juice is the Red Stuff that is extracted from the Ecaz tree and used by Mentats (the qualified ones, that is) to amplify their calculation speeds and render’s the user’s lips a shade of red, which saves us from wearing lipstick if we ever crash-land on Zanovar and are forced to become Jongleurs to survive. And yes, their powers on the human mind is like that of a Bene Gesserit lady, thanks to pointing that out Aerya Cysvarinne. Piter, for the thousandth time, it’s lady, not witch or wench either.”

“During my years as a teenage rebel, I brought this stuff and used it to make it look like people are bleeding, yes, you heard right. So that’s another thing you can use the stuff for, apart from paint-bomb replacements. This was during Halloween on Septimus, so yes, pretty chaotic, just like a groundcar accident.”

“Thanks for this despicably wonderful lesson and please, for your sake and my sake, come back for the next lectures hopefully and preferably, in one piece, not in several pieces like a diced chuck-steak of slig.”

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