Chapter XXIV: The Thing Which Is Supposedly Said… And Done

The conversation of many a person with one another came to an abrupt stop as a young lady wearing a military-styled longcoat in the color of the bloodbloom and in places the shade of night boarded the subway train on a half-crowded evening on her way to do something productive and to meet a certain aquaintance. Everyone said nothing and gaped at the girl with short and slightly unkempt hair the color of a very ripe plumdrop, ready for the picking and eyes as red as blood riding the train alone without anyone for company who started reading a book she procured from a black bag she carried entitled The Complete Robot by the great Isaac Asimov, not knowing for the real reason why she was here. He really wanted her to “meet up” with Denny, so she had no choice in the matter if she wanted the please the man who literally brought her back to life, fed her and clothed her in return by doing him and the rest of the world a favour. The girl absent-mindedly patted the small bulk inside the bag. Long time, no see, Denny. I have a little surprise for you… Denny wouldn’t be quite a challenge to get rid of but his friends in great numbers would be, though. The train ride ended quickly and getting out whilst shoving people out of the way was a problem. She waited until there was no people and no train before starting everything. The gun out of her black bag felt like the most familiar thing in the whole wide world, more familiar than eating or sleeping.

“Greetings, Denny.”

    • mick
    • July 15th, 2006

    yay! loki’s back!

    • Loki
    • July 16th, 2006

    Yeah, I was away because I’m working on something called The City of a Thousand Dolls and it just put my Abstractions on hold 😛 My bad 🙂 I’ve a personal journal/opinion blog over here under a different name too.

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