Chapter XXIII: For The Sake Of Order ~ La Main Et Les Chasseurs De La Bête

It spreads like a disease from one mind to the next, capable of controlling and living inside a suitable host, capable of inciting all emotions and moods generally regarded as negative… …will be vunerable once host body is destroyed… It was the tattered yet fateful report we all received that seemed like an eternity. There were three of us, with an old friend of mine sent in as a supporting member of the group tasked to eliminate the living plague linked to many of the phenomenas haunting The Circle of the World.

"The mysterious unexplanable phenomena that includes a thick black smog, blood-crying statues, random serial killings, deaths of various politicial leaders, random assasinations, supposed subliminal messages in printed papers, destruction of electrical devices and uprisings on several Circle Sectors is believed to signal the end of the w–" I watched as the youngest of my compainion whose name was Denis turned the television off by a remote picked up from a coffee table.

"I don't like hearing about this… I hope the media knows that we're trying our best to fend it off." I do not like being mean to others, but the way he spoke to the rest us indicated his reluctance to be part of the team; originally he was not allowed due to a lack of experience and he is quite young to be handling weapons. The disadvantages of being in one's teenage years and dragged somewhat unwillingly with a team of experienced weapon-wielders, compared to us, he is but a mere child with a few illusions in his head. I cannot help being close to him as befitting my role of the father figure since his father… no, both parents were killed by the agents of which to say the group's name is forbidden, even avoided in these times. I came behind him and rested my flesh-and-blood hand on his shoulder to comfort him; he does not consider me such an eerie person.

"Turn away from the media, no matter how tempting it seems, they only serve to sensationalize the subject and bring more fear into the hearts of the people." I hoped I did not sound so harsh and lecturing on the boy.

"But the media might help us gain information!" Andrei, or Drei as he is known to us objected to my sagely recommendation. Sometimes this one can be quite the brash one who is easily provoked, but he knows his place here with me as the leader. To those who do not know me well by my real name of Richard, I am known to them as The Hand or depending on their rank, the title of Sir.

"Do you know the difference between official and falsified information, boy?" I turned around in time to see a friend of mine enter the briefing room upon hearing the familiar voice and the deliberate adding of the "boy" at the end of the said question directed at Drei, making him flare up in the face, as expected. I took this as an opportunity to break things up before anything else happens, leavng Denis to watch.

"Cosmo Leberecht, my confidant, my ally, enough tormenting the boy with your ways, together we have much work to do to make the troubled world a better place in secret." Everybody stopped what they were doing and assembled themselves into an orderly whole whilst I grabbed my black fedora off the hanging hook before heading out of the room, armed to the teeth like everyone else.

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    • Loki
    • June 28th, 2006

    No more ‘net problems, eh?

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