Chapter XXII: For The Sake Of Order ~ Bloodied Angel

Everyone has a fragment of me inside them, no matter what they do to stay a saint and do the right thing; after all, I was growing inside them all along, just waiting for the time to be born. I remembered that without me, humans wouldn't survive, but even chaos must end to usher in order.

"Now you will do me a favour?" She was proven ready for this event, all I wanted was to encourage her potential of becoming Gunalvis to the older woman's horror, the friend of the Doctor she works with in the District. I handed her the precious Ulysses and Thanatos to arm herself with, knowing she would need them at this point in time. Her red eyes were refusing to bore themselves into anything else in the dim circular room, lit by only a pillar of light coming from above making her face a haunting portrait of slight seriousness, casting a light blue tint on everything.

"A… favour…?" She echoed the last words I said, like a parrot. I circled around her and watched her hands tighten their grip around the prized weapons that took three years to design and create; one with jagged markings set in obsidian, the other with curving and curling filigree done in pearl. The way she looked at them was like a connoisseur appreciating something hailed as a masterpiece, watching the light catch sparks and glints off the smooth silver surface.

"Yes, a favour: I want you to find and kill Denny for me." I stopped circling her and enfolded my arms around her from behind as a partial embrace, resting my chin on her militia longcoat clad shoulders, adoring my bloodied angel of death up-close, letting the shortened locks of heliotrope touch my skin. I discreetly attached a spiralling leech to the nape of her neck, watching the grey slug crawl to the back of her head exploring the forest of purple strands and stopping itself. The slimy thing ceased to be squishy and disgusting and lost it's liquid sheen and sacrificed itself to become a stylized straight edge, with a protruding blue button created from a much changed stump of a tail, waiting to be touched with my fingers. I manipulated the animal-turned-device carefully making sure she did not hear the long squealing noises of insertion and the slight hiss accopanying the use of the instrument wielded. After a few seconds, her posture became more orderly and the grip on her own weapons of destruction relaxed. I neared my lips to her ear.

"Repeat your orders for me." As expected, she turned her head around in a manner I found reminiscent of a clockwork doll. Her eyes were lit up like a thousand stars in the burning sky as she looked into my own wintry orbs of blue, understanding everything.

"I must Hunt Denny and then kill him in the most painful and artistic of ways. The city will be my canvas as another one dies tonight. I dedicate this to you, my muse." She stood at the ready as always for events like this.

"And remember what I said about leaving traces, collateral damage and witnesses?" She nodded, understanding the importance of this mission and order, like any other.

"Leave no traces, witnesses can't be allowed to live and absolutely no collateral damage must be done." She stated as it were the holiest of all mantras. I am quite proud of my own achievements, perhaps too proud at times. I gave a gentle squeeze of the arms before I freed her to leave.

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