Chapter XXI: Tasogare ~ The First Half Of The Near Buried Past

A milion pictures and written things swirling around, stacks of books creating buildings and foundations of a city lit by a glowing nothingness. Many a voice whispered, screamed and said things in her fragile ears as she aimlessly wandered, looking for something of which she forgot the name along time ago.

*   *   *

"Ah, here he comes now to claim you after a nice, long wait. Typical of him to be late, even after all these-" I detected that something was quite wrong, a feeling within my heart. Like a deep and profound change was sweeping this part of the world at this time of night. I hurriedly removed one glove from my left hand and left it to fall on the dew-drop decorated grass gleaming with light from the moonbeams, without a care. The mechanical skeleton hand with hidden weapons that I was known for was exposed to the elements, waiting to cut through the flesh of the fiend before me, walking in the skin of a friend.

"We meet again, my dear hunter. It's been a long time… Let go of the young lady and I will be on my way." How did He manage to end up here? I thought the District would have kept him at bay… I readied myself whilst keeping a hold of the teenager.

"It has been a while, but my goals are still the same; to bring an end to you, like the people before me." The doppelganger did not move as I thought he would, instead had stopped walking and stayed where he was, a few meters from me. The winds started to dwindle in His unholy presence. The girl looked at the both of us expectantly. The creature smiled using the old face and thrust his left arm forward, with his hand opened and smiled wickedly. It looks like He has not changed a bit, his actual body is destroyed thanks to the help of a few friends and nameless associates, but still…

"Come now, young one. Remember what I said about strangers." I was something of a chore to keep the teen from wriggling and slipping from my grasp. I might as well do the old trick, here goes… I placed my gloved hand on her forehead while she was struggling and looked in her searing eyes of untamed flame.

"Sleep, now." My own voice was a calm drone as I used one of my known Manipulation skills, to influence the minds of others. She obeyed and was unconscious in an instant, leaving me to drop her limp body to the grass, hoping that she would not mind waking up in damp.

"We will leave her out of this unwholesome situation of old, yes?" I stated in a slight drone of a voice, knowing that He would hear even from the other side of the world, regardless of the conditions. The creature nodded in aknowledgement to my suggestion. All the better to finish this aeons-long runaround! My heart pulsed with happiness to finally finish the job sent by the Pariesans of the Agency-Group along time ago, before all this spiralled out of our control.

"The knives of The Hand is sharpened… Let it begin!" His shout directed to me echoed a thousand miles around us in the dark. What a perfect way to end this idiocy.

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