Chapter XX: “I Am The Hand…”, Part II

"None… business…" She probably meant that it was none of my business in her own way of saying. This child seems to be afflicted in the speech department, I wonder what is a matter? Something darkly colored on her back was showing through her red dress of lace and satin, something awfully familiar in my years as a Chasseur de la Bête. A glint of light struck from something the youth wore around her neck, it appeared to be a locket of some sort. Maybe this holds the answer…

"May I look at your locket, young lady?" She immediately obliged for me to take a look at the priceless bauble, leaving me to open it with eager hands carefully. My eyes immediate ly lit up at seeing who was in the photograph; the girl herself and someone I knew embracing her from behind, happy as can be, a picture taken long time ago. I gazed at the familiar face for what seemed to be an eternity. So he is alive after all these years… Could this teen be related, maybe even his daughter? I mused at the thought of an old friend finally having settled down and looking after someone he could call his own. A tune interrupted my musing-cycle; it was an old tune by a composer by the sound of it, a piano-driven piece by… that's it, Mozart, that was his name. A small, full body hologram belonging to that known face materialized and spoke after the played tune.

"Hello, this is Doctor Cosmo Leberecht, if you have found something or someone that belongs to me, don't hesitate to call me on 15:35-50 on the Corinth-Yan Phone Extension System or drop it off at 15 Thians Place, or leave a message after the chime, thank you." The hologram waved itself away after the message and chimed, leaving me to drop a message to let him know.

"Greetings, Doctor, this is The Hand speaking. I have someone that belongs to you. She is currently with me in Night's Eve Park on the white bench under the slightly faulty lights, come and pick the teen-ling up and we can also have time to do some catch up." I had hoped he would come very soon, for it was getting quite cold for the odd teen, I did as courtesy dictated and gave my suitcoat to her to guard against the cold and waited with her until Cos comes to pick his darling up.

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