Chapter XIX: Madeleine, Part III

"He gave you something you shouldn't have eaten." I got her to take off her clothes for an examination in case of that sugar-laden thing triggering an allergy. Everything seemed good so far, except that since putting her into the room, her thoughts were definitely adrift.

"Sorry, sir." I wonder what was on her mind this time of day, seeing that she rarely says anything, unless I ask her to tell what's on her mind. I checked throughly for signs of a rash or any other abnormalities in behaviour, breathing and movement. Her eyes said nothing else, but I knew better. Come on, say something, even if it takes an eternity for me to wait for you. She silently co-operated with his wishes after the unsensed intervention of a needle, keeping her body in check and her mind in perfect order.

"Do you know who my parents are, sir?" Well that caught me off guard. Hm, how odd. Normally she wouldn't touch on such subjects, let alone query.

"No, I don't know your parents. I'm sorry, Josie." Her appearance changed from orderly to downcast, poor girl.

"I saw many things after taking a bite. Things I never knew flashing before my eyes as my body malfunctioned." Malfunctioned? What a strange way to describe what could've been an accident… I shouldn't be so hard on that boy when I stormed in, he didn't know about her numerous allergies. The shadows of adulthood creeped upon her teenage counternance as she looked at me directly from behind with eyes aflame.

"You didn't malfunction, every human being experiences an allergic reaction to something or even break out in hives once in a while, don't worry about it." My usual smile failed to change her mood. Her brow furrowed deeply, indicating frustration, followed by the lack of relaxation in her upper body, caused by tension.

"What then? He was just being friendly by letting me partake–" Josie objected strongly. Since when was she sympathetic to strangers and enemies? This is getting rather disturbing.

"But the partaking of such foodstuffs could've killed you, you know." I made my point clear about her consuming anything that was devoid of natural sugars, but that wasn't the end of her list of allergy triggers. The first time myself and Andrea treated her to something as harmless as a chocolate cake, we almost sent her to her deathbed, I quickly sprung into action and gave her the medication I made just in time.

"I saw visions of being someone else, being in a different place altogether. He was in those visions too…" She deliberately let her voice trail off, untentionally disturbing me even further.

"Dismiss those visions as a slight hallucination, Josie. But other than that, you're in optimum condition–what's this?" It was a gigatic tattoo on her back composed of infinite patterns that spread to her shoulder to her right arm, stopping just before the wrist set it varied, dark hues and tints.

"What's what?" She looked over her shoulder as I traced my fingers around one part of a enormous combination of smaller patterns of which she noticed growing on her back, like a fascinating contagion.

"Hmm… Interesting." She said nothing to this and kept silent, but I could see that something was still bothering her.

…I saw visions of being someone else…

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