Chapter XVIII: “I Am The Hand…”, Part I

The reports of this killing was more than enough for my eyes and ears to bear after all these years, just like the previous years of my life where I failed, again and again. It struck me that no matter what time it is here, it is always dark in one way or another. I decided to get out of my lonely apartment and into the park, devoid of anyone. The wind is blowing around me, making my open suitcoat dance with the breeze, despite being unable to feel the cold. The park, lit up by both functioning and non-functioning lights, proved to be a good break from hunting The Beast. Even after all of my associates disappeared. I saw the bench oddly occupied by someone from a distance.

"I can… see… you…" Her voice was that of a rather detached teen occupied with a lot of things, unable to tune into the real world around her. I sympathized in a silent manner with this girl, but whoever took care of her possibly loved her for the wrong reasons, somehow I know of these things even though I have no children of my own. Maybe it was all those years I spent working in an orphanage taking care of a friend's child and other children that said these things to me. Why is a teen out this time of night where it is cold and above all, unpleasant?

"Did you run away from your parents?" The girl did not turn around to answer, her body was not moving, it was still like somebody quietly anticipating something since I was behind the white bench she sat, moving to sit next to her. She turned around to face me, eerily, like a clockwork doll, displaying her copic blue berry colored hair and vermillion eyes in the flickering pool of lights created by the blue painted lamps, whose paints was beginning to flake away with age, losing its battle with the elements.

"No…" She shook her head slowly, as I thought she would. There was an aura of vague menace around this teen, as if she was… Oh, wait, never mind that. She was waiting for an answer in her silent way, never rushing, which was nice to see in this teenager despite the feeling I got from being around her. I propered my prized black fedora hat with my fully black leather gloved hand, to stop it from blowing away.

"Oh, really, little one? Explain yourself to an old trilobite why you are here." I wrapped my similar-colored suitcoat since the flapping was getting annoying, but I did not feel anything.

  1. Hi I appreciated your comment on the other blogging site. I will continue to read your blog and I would appreciate it if you would read mine as well.

    • Loki
    • June 21st, 2006

    Yup, will do 🙂

  2. Hey Loki,
    Still waiting for you to write back.
    I’m online now, finally.

    • Loki
    • June 22nd, 2006

    Done and Done! Go check out Range’s post on robots 🙂

  3. Yeah, I admit I have a thing for robots. For some reason, I want to examine robots in more detail, the ethical and moral issues behind, mixed in with some sci-fi of course.

    • Loki
    • June 22nd, 2006

    I read an article somewhere a long time ago that said that even Asimov’s Three (actually Four, if you count zero/zeroth) Laws was flawed. The Replee Q1 is the most realistic “android” so far. see here:

  4. I think we will go the way of AIs and manual labor bots, unintelligent ones. Something akin to cyberpunk or post cyberpunk. Androids and artificial brains (which is what positronic brains are) are farther away in the future.

    I guess AIs could “ride” bots, in a Ghost in the Shell manner. I also see cybernetic replacement body parts in the not too far future.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Laws of Robotics were flawed. Crippling a robot with so many constraints would make them inefficient.

    • Loki
    • June 23rd, 2006

    You should see the experiments that Kevin Warwick did 😛 that was a few years ago

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