Chapter XVI: Madeleine, Part II

I should really, really start counting my lucky stars after seeing her walk calmly back to my cell with the tea set ready for use. I decided to help by arranging the madeleines into a small pile on the additional white plate she brought in earlier.

"These are what the Pariesans call madeleines" I explained to her as I indicated the cakes on the plate "Their flavor is slightly lighter than a pound cake with a butter and lemon taste. Go ahead, try one." She quietly refused, so I decided to pick one up and show her how to eat it by dunking it in my tea with five sugar cubes and no milk.

"See? This is how I eat it, but you can eat it anyway you want to." She didn't show any disgust of watching me eat whilst I spoke to her. She silently motioned for the tiny bowl of sugar-cubes and a spoon. I just observed the way she made her own cup of tea in a way so graceful, I didn't hear any sounds from the spoon laden with two sugar cubes stirring in the cup or from the milk pouring in. Does any of her movements make noises? Or was she trained this way?That Doctor guy must've put her through Hell for this kind of perfection.

"Very well, I'll try one then." She mimicked my action and dipped her madeleine before biting into it. Her eyebrows furrowed as she shook and dropped her own teacup and plate, leaving them to clatter to the floor below.

"W-what…?" Her eyes widened from shock causing me to go into panic mode to hurry to her side and check things out.

"What's a matter? Huh?" I shook her a couple of times, but no use; she was lost in another world at the same time. I looked up from where I was in the room to see a pair of black shoes and the ends (or beginnings) of a long, white coat.

"Oh, shoot!" I said under my breath as the Doctor pulled me away from Calanth, furious at what I'd done.

"What did you give her, boy?" The Doctor asked as he induced Calanth to throw up by injecting something that also stopped her erratic spasms.

"M-madeleines." I stammered. Calanth's coughs was a good thing to hear after his unpleasant voice assaulted my ears. Calanth propered herself and got up to leave, looking back on the two of us left in the cell.

"Madeleines! She's allergic to those things. You-" He jabbed a finger at me "-could've killed her by giving her that, or any other food not on my list." He rose up after the earblasting I copped, and left me in the cell to rot alone.

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