Chapter XV: The Pulse Of A Million, The Beat Of One, Part II

A playroom with light purple walls, unobtrusively decorated with shelves filled with polar bears, dressed up in more ways than one and a round table with two chairs. A young girl dressed in a combination of red and black and an older man clad in white and black sitting opposite each other in the company of a teapot and teacups complete with little cups made from bone china and a big plate of colorful cakes. Silver tinted insects of every variety scurried around a few meters from the round wooden table in a clockwise direction as the older compainion to the little lady poured a cup of tea for the both of them and stirred in their sugars.

"Like I said, a cup of tea is like existence; if you do not have tea, it is not there; if you are not remembered at all, it is said that you never existed at all." The girl was more distracted by the chaotic insects than was first thought.

"Really? Is the concept if memory similar too, in some respects?" The older man watched as one of the many pearled creatures climbed on the table and crawled onto the girl's wrist, of which it was flattened and then absorbed into her without notice. The girl sipped her tea in profound silence, watching the teddy bears dance upon the shelves and fade away quietly. The man accompanying her did not drink his tea or try any of the cakes set on the big plate in front of them.

"Well, there is one form of existence, but experts say otherwise. Memory has many groupings for one equally complex subject: declarative/explicit, semantic, episodic-"

"Really? That many?" The insects were now slowing down their revolution and crawling towards the general direction of the occupied table.

"No, more than that. -autobiographical, visual-"

"Are you sure?" The tea on her side of the table was finished, she dared not touch the cakes in fear of allergy. He, on the other hand, picked up his spoon and fiddled with it like a bored child to a pencil, leaving the remaining insects to crawl and climb one table leg nearest to the girl in red and black waiting for an answer.

"Yes, of course I am sure. -procedural, unconscious, prospective and retrospective." The man switched his attention to his friend to see that the insects now covered her half of the table, tea cup, plate and all and proceded to crawl onto the upper half of het body before covering her completely in lustrous color.

Ah, really?"

The opening of red eyes in the room with white walls and beeping music, the omnipresence of an intimate shadow. The smile of the face.

"Look who is awake. Maybe you can be of use after all I have done for you." The face, no matter how familiar, had something off about it, but then Josie grew sleepy yet again and drifted off on her own accord.

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