Chapter XIV: Madeleine, Part I

"Yes, sir.", "Thank you, sir.", "No, sir.". That's all I heard all day coming out of her lips, nothing else, as I waited for her to come back from a reconnaissance mission. The automated doors of my white-and-silver cell unlocked itself and slid open to permit entrance of the person I once knew, and the man I wanted to get the ticket out of this clinical place.

"Good afternoon, boy. I've heard little rumors today about your escape last night." The white-coated man known to Calanth as "sir" or "the doctor" looked rather amused, thinking I would run straight to home after escaping the District. I just wanted to grab him and give him a few whacks with a two-by-four to set his deranged mind straight.

"It's not "boy", it's Denny!" the only thing stopping me from going berserk was Calanth, who walked into this room after the Doctor did, appearing by his side like the loyal pet she has become. The Doctor walked even closer to where I sat on the edge of the uncomfortable, grey mattress provided and grabbed me by the roots of my dark blue tinged hair and brought his face close to mine.

"Firstly, I'll address you any way I want, even if it includes demeaning you, secondly, you should be very lucky that Josie asks questions first and shoots later and thirdly–" I distracted myself by searching for my prized mini-remis, only to look up and realize the thing that made the twenty year old man smile in an unwholesome way: the freezing sight and cold feeling of one of Calanth's guns on my forehead with her finger just wrapping around the trigger. She doesn't even remember me, nor does she care anymore. The unpleasant negative little voice in my head would welcome Calanth's bullet with my name on it diving straight to the soft and squishy tissues of my brain, ending everything. I tried my best to relax and failed at it.

"Since the little blue paint bucket dipped rodent refuses to listen to me, would you be so nice and spend quality time with him? It'll make his life with us a lot less miserable." Calanth responded with a little nod, followed by the usual "Yes, sir." whilst keeping an invisible eye on me, courtesy of the gun latched on me, as the Doctor left without another word. The automatic closing doors of the cell closed behind him, leaving us alone. Calanth walked closer to my bed, but remained standing, ruler-straight.

"Did you really escape the District?" Calanth's accustomed red-eyed stare bored into my skull, waiting with an infinite patience for an answer from me. I felt sorry for being such a dick in front of her earlier with the seedy Doctor around. I turned to her and looked her in the eyes.

"Yes! and I went to Home and smuggled these in." I immediately got off the mattress and pulled two things from under the bed and waited for her to sit next to me, to show her the secretly brought in goods from last night's great escape. She looked at the two things in awe with her head tilted slightly to the right.

"You know what these are, right?" I handed the packaged tea set and a pack of ready-made madeleines to Calanth for her to examine.

"No." she said as she unwrapped the tea set and ran out of the room. I hoped to God that she didn't bring in the Doctor again.

  1. I wanted to ask you something, how do you make the editor display the icons that help you to modiffy things: such as uploading pictures etc. I only get this box, and no icons like the bold, italic, etc.
    Really strange!

    • Loki
    • June 17th, 2006

    You mean for the write post option, right? My one was included from the start 🙂 You can look in the FAQ for WordPress, go to the forums for help or google for help too. Or is it because your posting isn’t set up in the familiar WYSIWYG mode? I’ll look into it for you; I’ve got lots of time to kill today 🙂

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