Chapter XII: Denny, Again

"So we meet again, Denny." Calanth had changed a lot since I've seen her; her long hair was short, but still framing her face and she had the same red and black uniform thing she wore during our group's attack on the Individual District building, the place that was "her only home". She had forgotten about me totally after all these years, I couldn't believe it.

"Calanth, you don't remember me, do you?" her face was blank and lifeless, it chills me to see her like this. What has the District done to her? We were so young when we got separated, it's surprising that I remembered that far back. My smile failed to change her in one way or another as I put my minature Remington M1867's in their respective holsters, hoping she would do the same and surrender for talk instead of reckless and bloody gunplay.

"Calanth…? No, I am Josie. You are Denny; the leader of the scumbags who threaten to destroy my home and myself by the roughest and amateurish ways possible." her small firearms were still targeted for my head.

"Amateurs? We aren't amateurs, this whole thing isn't a game! We're fighting for something here; co-existence between your kind and ours, and the most important thing imaginable: freedom!" Her gun was still loaded and her fingers were itching to pull the trigger on both weapons.

"I can't allow you to live." Her fingers were so close to pulling the finishing shot until the faint sound of footsteps getting louder stopped her. The person appearing from the shadows of the night was that of a man in his twenties with short grey hair which was slicked back, wearing a white coat decorated with small belts. His blue eyes struck a chord of familiarity within Calanth, but she now had only one gun trained at the center of my head.

"I think we can allow him to live, for the time being." Those words made Calanth put away the last of her weapons in the black belt holsters hidden underneath the mostly red longcoat she wore. Cripes! I thought as the both of them; the friendly but nonetheless suspicious older man and his red eyed associate of which I once called a sibling and a friend advanced in my direction, near the defunct streetlights and the abandoned beginnings of a footpath.

"You should be very lucky, boy." the man in the coat said as he handed a small something to Calanth. Who is this guy? Why do they think I'm so precious to them now?" Calanth's expression of blankness turned into a slight smile as she got closer to me, making the hairs on my neck spring up. Upon closer inspection, her eyes looked extremely spaced out. A sharp jab of sensation was the last thing I felt before going dizzy and unconscious, after hearing the man say something before Calanth.

"Very good. I'm quite pleased with your efforts, Josie."

"Thank you, sir."

Calanth? Josie? Huh?

  1. hello, if you feel like speking to me you can do so, I’ve set up a chat. It’s on my blog, the link.

    • Loki
    • June 15th, 2006

    It’s the “Talk” one, right?

  2. yes, I sort of get to answering the comments really, really late, next time when you post something, write down what time it is where you are and GMT, so that I can… compare

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