Chapter XI: Gunalvis

"I failed.. There was too many of them and so little time before the suicide-spiders invaded the District, therefore you have the right to get rid of m–"

"Get rid of you… No. You are a valuable asset to the Individual District and plus, you didn't fail at all." A voice illuminated her mind as the pillar of light from above lit up the otherwise dim room spattered with blood from all corners, with no door visible. Shadows surrounded both the man in a black fabric and silver belt buckle attached white coat and the kneeling figure before him in a militia longcoat that bled carmine and ravenshade.

"The district saved itself anyway, thanks to outside help and how can I be so callous to kill you? You are so close to becoming Gunalvis, you are simply too precious. You are a rarity." The voice that was her universe echoed around the room. Josie did not dare look up from where she was; feeling the familiar prick and shove of the needle from behind was enough to figure out what was to happen to her already mission-ravaged body, feeling a lot less bruised after the one dosage of whatever the Doctor concocted was in there.

"Thank you, sir." hearing the title Gunalvis just made the hired gun's day.

She was undoubtedly excited and pleased at being alerted to be the next potential Gunalvis, I was pleased too, after all she had done to keep me fed; the targets given were excellent morsels, it's obvious that she has quite good taste in picking victims. She was also good enough to slip the name of one of the intruders earlier. Somebody by the name of Denny who claims to be the resident Gunalvis, this is rich, coming from a gun-wielding street kid who does not know caliber difference like Josie does. Unfortunately their little invasion got in the way of sweet little Josie, stopping her from killing the amateur outright. Maybe I should let her have a little fun in her orderly life after all. Now, time for me to get back to that living, hidden leftover devoid of an arm and an eyeball before the Doctor and his meddling friend takes notice of the blood everywhere in here.

  1. Nice new look! I liked the old one too.
    By the way tell me how you found me? But tell me in the new section of my blog – TALK!

    • Loki
    • June 14th, 2006

    Yeah, I changed it here because of the graphical header having a slight problem. Hope that problem doesn’t happen with this one.

  2. hey, I’ve been here. Anything? Something? News? Ideas?
    I guess I’ll be in my blog or somewhere.

    • Loki
    • June 14th, 2006

    Nothing as of yet, I’m afraid; it’s been a long and boring day at college, yawn… Zzzz… Gotta do chapter twelve for Abstractions before it turns eleven PM, which it hasn’t yet 🙂

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