Chapter IX: Ein Namens… Ein Name?

"Why didn't you tell me that girl wasn't dead?" Judging from the tone of Andrea's voice, she was quite furious at learning this when she waited for me at the outside the medical centre I worked in previously. Damn it, she was waiting for an answer. Time to swallow it all and face the mus–

"Answer me, before my verbal wrath descends on you an–"

"Alright, here it is: this girl was found by me buried underneath the rubble formed during the invasion and even I thought she was a goner, but look, here she is." I indicated the shabling and weakened ten year old girl at the right side of me walking towards Andrea who fell forward into Andrea's arms. The girl was wrapped in a secured bathrobe heading with Andrea to the ladies room.

"Uh, wait. Do you mind if I…" I let my voice trail off out of embarassment rather than say the whole thing. Andrea turned towards me again and nodded.

"To save your embarassment even though you are the best doctor there is, yeah, go ahead with us. The girl you found might need you anyway." Was Andrea jealous because the girl could like me the more out of both of us? Like they say, the early bird gets the worm. I ran at a hasted pace to catch up with the two of them going to the shower room at the right side of the building.

The shower room, like all rooms was tiled in a blinding white, with a lot of frosted glass and shining chrome fixtures decorating the appliances such as the showers and sinks. The only spots of color there that stood out was the bottles of shampoo, soap bars and red and pink towels hanging on the towel railing outside the shower cubicles. Andrea was waiting for me, oddly, in her swimsuit.

"You know, we can't always call the girl by "the girl" forever." I nodded at Andrea's statement as she readied the showers for the stray which I kept from entering the cubicle immediately because of the hot and scalding water steaming up the room.

"Well, I know we should give her name, but what? Maybe something germainic…?" I suggested out of habit since I was from the lands of Germain in Europa.

"No! We should give her something modern, but cute." She interjected as she removed the girl's clothing and lead the wary, but tired thing into the steaming cubicle as I was distracted by taking off my white coat usually fastened by a black fabric and silver belt buckle attachment that kept the coat closed, as many buttons would do, revealing the long sleeved and buttoned up black dress shirt I usually wore underneath.

"What then, Josie?" I didn't see quite clearly, but Andrea's second shampooing of the girl's hair stopped.

"That's great! Where did you come up with that one?" I think it was one of those last-moment things that did it, who knows? At least that name is better than nothing.

"I don't know, but it's better than calling her Ein, don't you think?" Yes, much more better than calling her by a Germain number I think…

The showering took half an hour to do considering how dirty the girl was, I wondered how long it was when she had her last shower. The washed little one was wrapped in a pink towel this time of Andrea's choosing, who grabbed a wooly blue bathrobe for herself.

"So it's settled then?" I nodded at the finalization of the name choosing between Adrea and myself, hoping the girl would accept it for the rest of her days living with us.

"From now on, you will be called Josie." I said to the girl with eyes of unstoppable bloodbloom and hair like the winter plumdrop ripe for picking, who stood resolute.

"Jo..sie?" I smiled at the newly named one whom I carried away

"Yes, Josie." I answered to her as we walked away.

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