Chapter VIII: Cartridge Chewing 11, Part IV

Already, our day has gone from great to bad. I don't know what in the blazes triggered the strange seizures and the screaming in the outside of the shooting complex before we even got to celebrate the incognito one's eleventh birthday in my own strange ways inside the shooting range complex and also, to get her a leisure activity. I've never known Andrea to suffer from such things before; her medical records would've shown it if I accessed them. The girl watched in passive curiousity as Andrea's unmoving body on the concrete spasmed uncontrollably.

"We have to go back. I'm sorry." I apologized to the District's birthday girl as we helped one another carry Andrea's body back to the Volkswagon I drove and owned, back to the District building.

"Andrea… gone…?" The girl was looking at me expectantly with those blood orange orbs of hers that lit in the dimming and sickening yellow sun, as the car passed through the lightly sanded, rough hewn roads. She might be a bit anti-social at times, but the girl cares in her own ways. I kept my attention on the ever-changing road ahead.

"She's… unwell, put it that way." I wasn't looking, but I was quite sure the girl cocked her head sideways slightly, as if she didn't know at all when it came to what was going on with Andrea. The eleven year old did a good thing and checked on Andrea who was lying in the backseat of the car, delirious, no doubt.

"I hope my ways of celebrating birthdays have nothing to do with this." I grumbled to no one in particular as temporary shadows took over our dimming day as we drove underground to the heart of the District. I parked in one of the VIP parking spaces near Andrea's own transport, a shiny, cherry red Ford Mustang and with the help of the anonymous little one from the front passenger seat, carried Andrea's body to the unoccupied medical center at the top floor.

"Sorry, but as you can see my dear friend, the sign reads "Authorized personnel only" I'll make it up to you, okay?" The girl looked at the blindly white marble floor tiles mournfully and backed away before the automatically closing heavy steel doors separated us and bolted itself.

"Now where was I?" I could not supress my glee at having the chance to play with that already scarred woman again. Oh, what fun it shall be! Sweeping my eyes around the room and landing them on the equipment forged of shining steel only succeded in whetting my appetite for such games even further.

"What shall it be then, my dear victim?"

  1. I really like your story. The detail with which you describe the elements, objects, feelings is really impressive.
    I hope I can make my blog seem this nice also.
    Hope you decide to continue one of the stories on my site. Cheers!

    • Loki
    • June 11th, 2006

    Thanks for the comment; I’ve been waiting for someone to respond! I would like to continue the story for your site, do you have any sci-fi ones there? If there’s more than one genre, that’ll be great! 🙂

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