Chapter VIII: Cartridge Chewing 11, Part III

Blood was coming out of her fingertips in streams like silky red ribbons as I carefully selected a gun for the girl to play with to keep herself content to the twenty-something woman's horror.

"Beautiful is she not?" I led the woman's hazel eyeballs to her little girl-compainion studying a small firearm she held in her tiny hands, loading and slowly cocking the thing like a born expert. The desert surface started to bleed black in the yellow sulphur sun, the smell of blood mingling with the sounds of clicking.

"A hallucination? There is only one way to test this." The crimson eyed girl smiled murder. "I will do something to quieten that hunger of yours first." The little one seemed to grow into a bloodthirsty thing quickly as she fired cartridge after cartridge to please me.

"She is perfect, you should be proud of what she has done for you." I buried each and every one of my fingers into the bloodied and squishy,warm flesh of her hole-ridden head. A bullet just lodged itself into the center of the strapped woman's head.

"Maybe this isn't so bad after all." Finally she is starting to agree with me on this. I whipped out many long, nice and shiny needles and plunged every single one into her head, like making my own porcupine.

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