Chapter VIII: Cartridge Chewing 11, Part II

It was quite amusing to see her in a shock in the middle of the day as she just stood there, screaming silently in a darkness of her own making whilst the girl and the doctor just watched. Darkness flows too easily in this space of desert in the afternoon, even when it is daylight. Watching her tremble from where I stood using something familiar to her as a crutch just to get near was just utterly delightful.

"I haven't done any wrong to you, have I?" Her teeth were chattering and she was sweating, of which was quite disgusting even for something I hunt for fun; too bad I could not stop it like I stopped her movements by simply providing her with a nice homely fixture of blackened leather and gleaming sterile steel.

"In a manner of speaking, it is my fault, not yours at all." I picked a piece of cut skin from her reddened and chafing wrists and put it to my lips, watching her squirm. I would have liked some of her honeyed hair to keep. I was just a breath away from this tasty little morsel.

"Y-you're fault?" She quickly moved from chattering her teeth to stammering, such are the ways of these animals when they are in a state of fear. Her face tried to move from mine by a mere inch. I could feel the heat rising, the smell of fear, see the blood rush to the surface of the skin and her eyes widening. All in all, a wonderful sight indeed.

"I feel like a little something right now, something that is not running away from me, preferably." I gathered many strands of her golden hair from random places on her head and pulled them out gracefully to watch her contort in sweet, sweet pain.

"Something? You're not making sense!" Her body however was beyond her control; her arms stretched out to meet the space between us with both of her palms turned up and fingers spread out eventually, one by one. I started piercing the needles through each joint of the outstreched fingers until they stuck and bled. Hearing humans scream in fear or pain brings such music to my ears.

"This fear you are currently experiencing and this whole event is fabricated by your mind, my dear victim. This, simply put, is a mere day-nightmare or in your terms: a hallucination in the extreme."

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