Chapter VII: In Allen Menschlichen Seelen Liegt Ein Samen Für Das Tier

A woman's blood stained the used wire fence lit up by the malfunctioning streetlights across from them, the blood draining from her hanging pale corpse created minature rivers and waterfalls in turn, making a pool which held a reflection of a twenty-something man, feasting with the moon. His blinding white clothing was stained a pattern of scarlet at the front of his closed-up coat. The cold of night that seeped through failed to bother a hungry man. So, the Doctor got her to shoot, even if the whore wasn't one of their targets in the first place, how amusing… The blood was still warm and the smell of gunpowder lingered in the air; the shooting only took place a few minutes ago.

"Looks like she did another job well done." He cared less about his blood-spattered and disheveled appearance now that he got into his meal. What a better way to get rid of such filth! The meat was quite tender despite it's origins, the blood had a bit of a bitter note to it, but food was food. After all the muscle and joined tendons were consumed, he moved onto the succulent viscera, tearing out the heart just to save it for later.

"The rest of the body wouldn't be as nice, might as well leave it here on display; I'm sure the doctor would approve." The sack of flesh parading the street limped and fell to the ground once all was done. A shadowy thing emerged from the crevice and covered the streetlights in a deep, but temporary darkness as it passed and preyed on the world of awakening sinners and soundly sleeping saints. The moon was obscured by clouds, now looking to the unsuspecting victim below.

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