Chapter VI: Under The Cross Of Lights, I Will Indulge In The Union Of Needles

A doll in a toymaker's shop. That's what she appeared to be, an abandoned toy yearning for both unconditional love and renewal, lying on the operation desk of cold and unsympathetic steel. Under the cross of lights, I studied the child and thought of ways to steer her away from Death's Door. Blood was dripping from several cuts on her body to the edge of the table, heading slowly for the sterile, white floor to fill up the cracks in the marble. The sight of blood on white is something of an awakening both visually and mentally, like discerning artwork. CPR with this one wouldn't work is order to get everything back; everything that one person considers precious, that is. I quickly whipped out a scissors from a nearby gurney and hastily removed some of the school uniform shirt-turned rags and turned the lifeless child on her back and used a simple needle to insert it a little into the pale skin. To tell the truth, I relished in the complexity of twisting and turning the instrument to create something only my mind could see. I saw the blooming of many vines into veins, a seed sculpted into a beating heart, glowing with life, a mind full of thought set alight, a destroyed body made whole.

"So it is with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable….. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body…. I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable." I wanted to pick my words carefully for the eyes that opened like that of a newborn into the world; the eyes of the waking bloodbloom looking upon the world, mine and hers.

    • mick
    • June 21st, 2006

    Interesting speech. I assume we will get the full implication of the words later?

    • Loki
    • June 21st, 2006

    Sooner or later, yes 😛 We’ll get the meaning of the Dr. Cosmo “Cos” Leberecht’s Great Speech and what it has to do with the stray 🙂

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