Chapter V: When Your Id Is A Rose…

The frightened lady in black high heels tried to run, but to no avail, the shambling teen with minature Jarmanns for weapons was quite a persistant one to put an end to the life of prey. The lady was surrounding by pools of light illuminating the streets in the cold of silent midnight, barely able to breathe after receiving a shock from this monster.

"Please, don't kill me! I haven't done any wrong! Have mercy…" Josie couldn't care less about her target's words. I'm doing a service for the District, duty is duty. She thought to herself as her heart quickened for thrill of the mission, wanting to make an art piece from a less than conventional medium. The women had nowhere to go, for  after the lights there nothing save for a used wire fence.

"You are ruining the perfect order of this society, therefore I have no choice but to put you to rest." Her open red and black District uniform's militia longcoat which was modelled after Doctor Leberecht's own coat billowed in the freezing breeze. To the woman who has been shot at as she ran and tried to hide from this gun-wielding teenager for all people, she looked deadened, like a zombie, with her crimson eyes like pinholes but with movements of a predatory animal of old.

"I can't allow you to live." the red eyed girl smiled in seeing the woman's mind frayed and nearly in the process of becoming tattered. It was quite amusing to see how easy the human mind bends, only to break in two with the correct and more subtle manipulations of others. The woman was frozen in place as she looked at the badge on the left breast of the girl's red and black coat: the Individual District – Der Barmherzige Enderichter with a symbol of two blue colored bullets in the shape of a cross and started staggering backwards towards the wire fence in fear of what these people can do.

"You're one of them monsters aren't you? the killers of innocents who try their best to live in this damned hole of a world." the unnamed woman's stammering was getting on Josie's nerves. Tears started to paint the tanned cheeks of the hunted which Josie ignored completely. Shedding water from the eyes… Is it a type of cleaning mechanism? Cleaning her face in fear, what manner of creature are these pathetic and disgusting oneminds? The silence was broken by a short gasp and a bang, with nothing to see but a wire fence, partly covered in a dark reddish glaze the shape of a big pointed star.

*   *   *

The world was a hazy, quickly sharpening void of whites and greys, with voices. Many voices.

"Where… am?" She was clutching the bedsheets until her knuckles turned bone white and heated with small pains dancing around her slender hands. Her eyes closed tightly to shield from the blinding and unsympathetic lights of her spartan quarters within the District. A shadow looming over her dizzy form opened her eyes and sharpened her sight and sent a feeling of warmness to her freezing, fear-ridden heart; the naturally pallid and white coated form of the Doctor with his short grey hair slicked back and a smile on his lips with a certain twinkle in his blue eyes, clear as day.

"You're home, that's where you are."


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