Chapter III: Kleines Finden

Finding mess and cleaning it up is difficult; the whole world is covered by a massive stain threatening to choke us all to death. Thank God for individuality helping us to cleanse.

"That's the last of them, Cos. No one else here." I hear my colleague Andrea Bridgtt say as the smoke cleared after the heavy gunfire and bombardment of artillery used to mop up scum, leaving the rebel pocket encampment in concrete ruins. The skies are bruised with red and stained with fading white clouds suffocated with yellow as I stood amongst friends and helpers to bring the calamity to rest.

"If you don't mind, I'm going out for a stroll, no need to worry." Andrea's honey colored hair was a bit unsettled from her netted bun after all the shooting earlier. I wasn't looking so flash either from all that commotion. The whole camp was a concrete and junk jungle with broken powerlines here and there which I had to be wary of as I walked, looking for more resistance group members as I went, but found nothing but a medium sized pile of rocks. I hear the sound of backward engines as the heavy artillery squads moved out of the designated area with Andrea in tow inside one of the armored personnel carriers, waiting for me outside the maze. I watched in cold interest as a rock from the top of the pile fell off and rolled to my now worn-looking black shoes.

"What do we have here…?" Insects scampered off from the pile as the rocks are moved away by my own bloodsoaked hands, feeling rough and unpleasant. People think that doctors don't bother to keep fit, but I'd like to keep my body working whilst I'm still young (in my twenties I should add) and help do the same for other people too. I didn't feel like coming here in the first place, but Andrea's skills of persuasion works on me way too well and plus I needed the fresh air, she pointed out. I was halted in my work by what was underneath: a girl, no younger than ten, with eyes of the varying bloodbloom and hair the shade of imperial dye. Checking her pulse was of no use, this innocent was as good as dead, poor thing. But still, that didn't stop me from thinking of ways to revive her with less-than-legal procedures. I smiled rather wickedly at the thought of starting the actual thing, without Andrea knowing, relishing the shock registering on her face when she sees… I hoisted the grubby limp thing with the shredded clothes clinging to her scarecrow-like form like a leech out of the minature grave and walked back to the exit of this wretched and lifeless slum, feeling the girl's knotted and wild hair slightly touching my fingertips, feeling quite glad finding the small treasure under all that useless junk today. It won't be too long now, my sweet.

    • mick
    • June 19th, 2006

    Interesting stuff so far — of course, I’ve only read the first few chapters… so I’ll reserve any meaningful comments until I am further along.

    Thanks for stopping by Sweet Immolation. and leaving a comment.

    Well, I’d better do some more of my own typing, otherwise I’ll be reading more than composing. But, I’ll stop by again later and finish this.

    • Loki
    • June 19th, 2006

    Well, thanks for dropping by and commenting, do you mind spreading the word for other writers and poets like yourself about this site for me? That’ll be great 🙂 I might as well go and comment on other people’s blogs too now that I’m awake 😀

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