Chapter II: The Flower That Blooms Blood

The unnamed girl said that she woke up feeling rather bloated and pained at the lower regions of her body early this morning. It turns out that Cos hasn't rocked up to work yet and the other doctors, being male, knew jack-shit about it; they just stuck to hanging around the poor thing's bedroom entrance. I got there as soon as I can for the girl's health and safety, fearing what Cos would do if anything happened to the thirteen year old with the crimson eyes and wild but short purple hair and the selectively silent demeanour. Guess the stray means a lot to Cos. But why does she matter? We literally bring in people everyday anyway… Oh, wait, more action, less thought: thought and less actions make me think too much of God, the Universe and Everything. The first thing that hit me was an iron smell and as I entered, the view of her white bedsheets crumpled, stained with blood–and lots of it. The adolescent was just standing in the middle of the mess, slightly slouching her normally ruler-straight posture, watching in mix of horror and interest as the dark and sticky fluid ran from between her legs and winced at the pain that comes from it during the first time.

"What… pain…?" her teeth were clenched as she said those words in her trance-like fashion, trying not to stumble and fall over and worsen the bedroom carpet's already blood-speckled state. I hurried to help her and grabbed the white towel nearby and soaked it a little with cold water to clean the stray soul next door.

"Here, this will help a bit." I smiled reassuringly, like Cos would do at times like this as I cleaned her, without embarassment.

"I'm afraid I can't do anything for the pain, but it'll subside in a while." I'd hoped that she understood what I said. I heard a familiar voice and hurried footsteps in the hallway as I continued cleaning, avoiding the stains on the carpet that haven't settled. Let's just hope he get's here I thought. It would be unusual for Cos not to be here, especially for something like this.

"Oh dear, she's still in there with Andrea is she? Good, at least there are still some competent people around here at the right time." Yup, that sounds like him–

"Did I miss something?" A familiar voice interrupted my task to stop the bleeding with a towel after I completed cleaning her legs. I smiled in greeting as he looked around the stray's quarters and figured out what happened to her earlier.

"Ah, this one's growing up faster than I thought!" he laughed, something seldom heard in the organization, unless he made a discovery of some sort.

"Well, she just turned thirteen a few weeks ago." I argued

"I know that. Go and get menstrual pads, she's bleeding like a wounded soldier." he countered. I saw a glimmer in the crimson eyes of the girl, like he was her rescuer of all things. I decided to go and grab some things from one of the in-wall storage medical cabinets and from the cleaning closets and stopped, my eye just looking through the crack at the once closed door. What the hell? I watched as Cos went to the bed and bent down and drenched his fingers in one of the blood pools that haven't solidified into a crust or absorbed into the material and brought the painted appendage to his lips and consumed the secreted substance. I continued to watch in disgust and horror as he said with a slight sigh:

"You are just ripe for the picking."

"Picking…?" The stray is of course oblivious to what happens to others like herself in this organization, she does nothing but passively observe her darkened surroundings and imitates the forming smile on Cos' lips. What on earth does that mean? then my mind shifted to the rumors… Oh God.

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