Chapter I: Happy Kill Day

Birthdays are nice occasions compared to a gruesome vivisection, if you ask me; nothing like hearing laughter, chit-chatter, music in the background and the fun of watching everyone else have fun with you instead of being stuck in a lab conducting experiments or cleaning up the gore off the white sterile lab walls and your coat at the end of the day. I was very happy, for this birthday celebration is for a close friend of mine, so close as to be a daughter according to some. My name, by the way is Cosmo Leberecht, but most of my co-workers stick to calling me Cos. I marveled at the unplanned chaos of these ceremonies in the hall room before rushing off to pardon myself and get the present hidden in my quarters. Spartan is one way of describing my personal space here at The Individual District. I quickly unlocked the pearl-white cupboard at the right corner of the room facing the door and grabbed the silver-foil wrapped heavy box out of the second highest shelf and rushed back the way I came from. Josie was being taken care of by Andrea while I was away, displaying the curiousity for everything around her which was overwhelming for someone her age. She turned her head around sensing someone coming from behind her. The crimson eyed and purple haired girl with the fair complexion displayed one of her rarely seen smiles as I approached.

"For… Me?" Her attention was absorbed on the gift for a while as both Andrea and I helped her with it.

"Yes, it's for you." I thought it a suitable thing to give, something elegant and pleasing to the eye. Josie didn't hesistate to unwrap it and stare at the black leather bound casing, touching it with eager fingers. Even Andrea scrutinized my offering.

"What is this thing?" She looked at the silver embossed, gold glided symbol of a cogwheel positioned exactly in the middle of the front panel of the box and pondered on the meaning of the words below written in gold: Manuelle Auftrag-Chaos Kalibrierung Systeme, Inc. A look of dread that sent joy shooting up my spine left Andrea shocked and fleeing for her sanity, even when the box wasn't opened yet. Josie was seeking unvoiced permission to open up the box, I simply smiled at her, wanting her to do as she wished.

"Andrea… gone… enough?" I told you she has a curiousity for everything. I tried to show a lack of concern and failed miserably at it.

"She hasn't had enough of this party, she just went for… a breather." Josie nodded slowly with understanding and lifted the hinged box open, being careful with it. There it was, the masterpiece that took three years of my life to perfect and create; they both clearly resembled a Jarmann M1884 of old, only in minature, one decorated with pearl filigerie and the other with obsidian. She looked at the both of them, watching condensation form on the silvery surfaces of both.

"Pretty… impressive." She carefully took one out of it's packaging, studying it for a while and loaded it via the internal magazine by hand and cocked it with satisfaction and purpose. I looked down at her as a proud father of his child and said.

"Happy birthday my dear Josie."

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