Black Rose Christmas

Go where the black rose soundly sleeps,
in the garden of silence,
where books move restlessly,
longing to be read.

Gently waken the sleeping rose,
nearly lost in dream-filled slumber.

Take the waking rose,
longing for the warm rays of the sun,
and take her to the land of falling snow,
with plains of shimmering crystal.

Carry her to the giant emerald tree,
where the mysterious gifts and offerings are laid.

Before these gifts can open,
words of forgiveness must be said.

Many of the gifts are opened,
all of the offerings are feasted upon,
not one left untried.

The day is past and yet the snow remains falling.
the fragile black rose sleeps once more in the garden of silence,
where nothing is heard.
But everything is seen.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Australia License.


  1. we are surrounded by all kinds of frills and colorfully lights at christmas but deep inside many lurks a haunting, gaping silence… which a world is not enough to fill… our heart continues to long, never gets fully satiated…

    yet there are moments when it feels like we are filled to the brim, at least even just for a fleeting moment… like forgiveness, love, even pain… then back to silence again…

  2. I remember hearing from someone that you can’t measure happiness, which is true, and that things such as fame, money and beauty fade away in time. We can only be happy for a while but not find eternal happiness. I’m guessing Christmas is more of a material thing with the presents these days.

  3. Your poetry is profound and emotive. It strikes a chord with me. I like it all, especially Petals and Punishment. This is how I see our angels as well.
    I think Christmas is changing, making a circle. Someday it will be just about giving again. It is a sleeping black rose right now.

  4. Thanks for all your comments 🙂 It’s really nice to get feedback. I hope this helps with the semi-writer’s block I’m suffering from at the moment, (Writer’s block = bad) the novel I’m trying to do is progressing “like a period” at the moment.

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