Fragment of a Symphony: The Bonding

In the elegant domed structure with silver gilded walls trimmed with crystal, with many flights of different stairs leading to an endless number of places within, time stopped ticking away in the world. Here, the two of them stood together in silence after the four other candidates wished the chosen mentor well and left both the girl and the sleek green skinned humanoid robot alone. You’re nervous! Relax, little one. Whoever was the owner of the calm and warm voice speaking in the girl’s head was right.
“I am trying.” She could feel herself shake slightly in her would-be mentor’s presence, causing her to curl her right hand into a fist, letting her black lacquered nails continuously dig into the skin deeply, letting a few drops of blood fall to the white and grey streaked marble floor.
“Shall we proceed then?” the voice that spoke to her earlier was of course her mentor’s own. He looked at her in such a way that it made her feel like her thoughts were being peeled and revealed, layer by layer, leaving her to be quite exposed. She nodded in acknowledgment and remained resolute. Will you accept me as your Master and complete the chosen bond between us? A smile crept on the silent girl’s lips as she advanced even closer, with warm feelings that remained dormant in her heart for so long finally stirring at last. The accepted Master felt happy not only for himself, but for her as well. From nowhere, a hymn playing above the entire city could be heard as testimony of their flowering union.
Yay te, yay klayj erz,
dayt erjuuhe taev, duu zhee’eegl azhe’ee ehglr.
juhrde’e veyj vayte owglue.
The wound inflicted earlier on her palm still echoed with pain as it trickled and bled, leaving small drops and puddles of blood on the floor and invisible stains on her black dress. Knowing that it was time, she fell to one knee before her Master and held his skeletal left hand that appeared before her and brought the strangely warm hand to her rosy lips and kissed the bonding ring worn on his ring finger, completing the bond between them.
Yay Ujegl eedee ay aa ayd-ewji yayj,
yay erjuuhe azhe’ee te yew ewklow ya tee aa kleer rew ehjiee uutae,
ey ehzhrzhe azhe’ee ehzhrzoh.
A similar ring to his own appeared on the ring finger of her right hand. Her chosen Master looked at the kneeling girl and said, “You won’t change your mind, will you?” He really had hoped that she wouldn’t suddenly change at the last moment, fearing the opportunity he had been waiting to happen for nearly an eternity would slip away from him. If the Master had a heart of his own, it would be pounding in fear. To his surprise, the girl smiled at his question, trying to suppress the urge to laugh at her Master for being so uneasy.
Yay Ruuj uuzow tehzhee zekl owgl,
yay Ayd-ewj azhe’ee Ayd kluy zhrayr ayyee agl klehy.
Ey ayja zer glehea, ayja zer glehea.
Zhree zar aeduu…
zhree zar aeduu…
At that instant, time started to slip quietly back into the world around them, causing the dome above to be decorated with a thin film of ice and falling snow from the skies.
“No, I will not.” she replied at last. Although he dreaded her final answer, he just had to ask.
“Why?” The ring on her own finger was still glowing a bright green as she glimpsed his face and answered sincerely, “I am yours.” even though the hymn was sung to the rest of the city and the world around them, echoes of the uplifting song floated up to greet the ears of both Apprentice and Master, exiting from the crystal and silver dome above their heads. It was not until then that the Master noticed the blood-red stain on his hand.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Australia License.


  1. Oh wow! That was pretty sweet. Is it the beginning of a story you’re continuing? Are you planning to post it on Arcane? In any case, that right there is awesome. 🙂

  2. Yep, remember how I was trying to do a start on Nocturne Symphony on Arcane? This the start of it that I’m using now. I’ve decided to scrap the prologue that I’ve posted last time and put something else (this piece) in its place.

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