Fragment of a Symphony: The Mending of a Broken Girl ~ Part II

The tentacles extended themselves completely, revealing leeches armed with tiny teeth in their gaping mouths. The sharp teeth changed into needles without the girl noticing.
“Now, do as I instruct: relax yourself and above all, be calm and do not panic.” Marius glanced quickly at the moderately wounded Apprentice, analyzing her damage quickly.
“My, my, my. You have sustained a lot of damaged. Some of your bones are on the verge of breaking! That gives me another reason to use these surgical tentacles to repair you efficiently and quickly.” Ashtoreth eyed the threatening appendages of her Nurturer.
“How long will it take?” her raven colored hair billowed in the liquid slowly, like wispy tendrils. She knew something like this will happen one day, no matter how many precautions she took whilst out on the field attending to her duties.
“Two to three hours.” Marius moved two of his twenty tentacles to the back of his patient support both her bruised head and slightly damaged neck. The partly mechanized surgeon shackled the girl’s arms and legs to restrict her movements. Ashtoreth felt her heartbeat escalate as the shackles binding her clicked shut in perfect unison. The pale skinned girl’s eyes widened in horror as she watched the surgical implements move closer to her wounded flesh. Oh no, please… Not this! The leech-ends attached to the Nurturer’s appendages closed in on her at every direction. She screamed in pain as the leeches teared their way into flesh, sinew and bone to burrow deeply into her. The blue liquid gained a light purple hue which gradually darkened as blood began to flood forth from the reopened wound.
“Please, enough!” Ashtoreth screamed for mercy. I hope her training has aided her in keeping a stiff upper lip, this operation might take more time than I would expected it to be. The more the surgeon’s patient struggled, the more tighter the shackles became, already he saw that both her wrists and ankles would become bruised if it continued on. He slowed down his progress on her repairs and looked at the girl in pity.
“It is time to cleanse your bloodied wounds. Let the painful healing fire purify you within.” despite the slowing of progress, the struggling girl continued her screams of pain and agony to pierce the silence of the room outside. Marius used a vacant tentacle to gently wrap around her neck from behind and sealed her mouth shut. His other limbs continued to work on damaged tissue, bone and sinew. After that was done, every wound repaired internally was tiny metal clamps and varying lengths of catgut. By the end of the gruesome and painful procedure, the weary girl was left alone to rest and dream of nothingness.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Australia License.


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