Fragment of a Symphony: A Lesson in Pain

After making a rather foolish mistake, Ashtoreth was chained to the stone wall at the far end of the coliseum Arena and beaten as a reward for her actions. Now restrained by the heavy spiked chains and suffering from the chains’ sheer weight and bleeding from all parts of her aching body, she stubbornly showed her willingness to pass Master Skoll’s draconian combat lesson. The Master of Time and Combat looked down on the pathetically weak Apprentice with her once-beautiful Victorian dress in tatters with a too-obvious displeasure at seeing the adolescent fall from grace so quickly. This is a waste of my efforts, Master Skoll thought to himself with a certain sadness.
Ashtoreth could see with tear-blurred eyes as the unforgiving Master’s razor sharp attack claws sheathed themselves back one by one into knuckle dusters. The Master walked even closer towards Ashtoreth’s weakened and bruised form.
“Think of the heavy chains binding you as training, little one.” his very words were tainted with acid which ate away painfully at the girl’s delicate ears. The poor girl’s beautiful porcelain skin was marked with healing scars and bruises. Ashtoreth wished that her beloved mentor Master Brien would come immediately to her assistance. She closed her eyes eyes tightly and tried to send her cry for help in his direction.
“The world isn’t as merciful you know, so this will do you a lot of good. You’ll thank me for this.” his lips broadened into a wide grin.

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    • Silver Wind
    • November 16th, 2005

    Very nicely written, I rather enjoyed it. It was quite dark and twisted.

  1. Thank you very much! 🙂 I will attempt to do the rest of the Symphony Universe series of novels in this sort of writing style. I’m redoing stuff and making the world a culture (if I could find resources) and conlang (the conlang is done BTW as posted on here previously. I just found out yesterday that the map didn’t need reworking for the world the novels are set in, but I have one character questionnaire to finish though. Thanks for the feedback!

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